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October 2, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

You looked on the door's direction when Ludwig, your best friend, opened it. You were watching your favorite TV program and eating some popcorn.

- Hey. - you said
- Hi, (NAME).

- Want to watch some TV with me?

- Hm, ok. - Ludwig answered, sitting by your side.

Your heart pounded when you felt his strong body pressed against yours. It was really weird, how you felt about Ludwig. Sometimes, you felt like he was a brother, and sometimes, you just wanted his lips, his arms and his body - this awkward desire was killing you, specially since you started living together, two months earlier.

You shook your head and looked at him. After some seconds, he looked at you too.

- What? - he asked.

- Nothing. - you blushed.

He shrugged and looked at the TV again. You didn't want to stay by his side if it was to be ignored. You wanted to be noticed . Then you stood up and walked to your bedroom.

- I'm going to take a bath - you said.

- OK.


You closed your bedroom's door and took your clothes off, then looked at your naked body at the mirror.

"Why he doesn't look at me?" - you thought - "Everybody says I'm cute. And my body is not ugly. I'm beautiful!"

And then you had an idea. A very weird - and very dirty - idea. But you were the kind of person who would do anything to reach your objectives.

You grabbed a towel and wrapped it around your body, and smiled.

"This is going to be funny." - you thought.


Ludwig was still watching TV when you walked into the room. You smirked as you walked on his direction and let your towel fall. You sat by his side like there was nothing wrong - like you were still dressed.

He looked at you and then his eyes widened.

- (NAME)! What's this?

You laughed as he blushed and then wrapped your arms around his neck.

- I was bored. - you answered.

You sat on his lap and smiled when you felt his erection. But he was still shocked, still so shy... You started kissing him softly on his lips, making him shiver.

- W-why are you doing this, (NAME)? - he blushed furiously, and you laughed.

- You never notice me, Lud. And I'm tired of this. I want you. Now.

You smiled as you started to undress him slowly, but then he held your hands.

- (NAME), no. W-we're friends.

You released your hands softly and started to undress him again, kissing his lips and his neck.

- But you want it.  - you whispered as you moved your ass softly on his lap, feeling his hard cock.

- Uh... - he moaned, and this sound was so damn delicious that you smiled.

- Now that's what I want... - you whispered, but you were not prepared for what he'd do next.

He grabbed your arms suddenly, laying you down on the sofa, his eyes full of lust.

- You're teasing me, (NAME). And I don't like to be teased.

You shivered as you felt his hands touching softly your breasts.

- I just don't want you to ignore me. - you smirked.

- So that's what you want? Just that?

You blushed.

- No...

- And what do you want, (NAME)?

You gasped when you felt his fingers touching your clit, and he smiled.

- F-fuck me. - you whispered.

- What? I can't hear you. Tell me what you want, (NAME).

- Fuck me, Ludwig... - you moaned.

He looked at you for a moment and then started kissing you - your neck, your lips, your breasts.

- It's so funny to see that you're surrendering to me so easily. - he whispered.

- W-What can I do? I've been waiting for this... For a long time. - you moaned.

You felt his hands on your breasts and his cock being pressed against your thigh. But then, he suddenly stopped.

- L-Lud! - you moaned angrily, and grabbed his arms.

- Calm down, (NAME). - he said as he started to take his clothes off. - I want to have fun too.

You watched, trying to keep calm, as he took all his clothes off, but you couldn't avoid to gasp when you saw his cock.

- You like it? - he laughed.

He started to rub his penis against your clit, making you moan. And then... He stopped again.

- What? - you hissed in frustration.

He sat down on the sofa and then smirked.

- Suck it.

You blinked.

- L-Ludwig?

- Are you surprised? I want you to suck my cock. Come on.

You blushed, but didn't complain when he pressed the tip of his cock against your lips. You opened your mouth and start sucking it. You could hear him moaning your name, and that made you want him even more. Suddenly, he grabbed your arms, laid you down again and penetrated you. You squirmed and moaned, wrapping your arms around his neck and feeling his cock inside of you. You moaned as he began to thrust faster.

- F-fuck! - you yelled.

You could feel that he was losing control. And so did you. You moved your hips, but, when you were about to cum, he stopped again. You looked at him with watery eyes.

- Beg - he whispered.

You didn't complain. You just pressed your body against his and moaned:

- Fuck me. Fuck me, please, Ludwig!

He grabbed your hips and rolled you, entering your ass. You squirmed because of the pain, but soon it wasn't hurting anymore. He started to move faster and faster. And then you felt it.

It was one of the better feelings of your life, or maybe the best. He kept moving as you climaxed, and soon he did, too. You moaned and moved your hips faster, and then you fell, satisfied, smiling.

- Now you'll never ignore me again. - you whispered.

- Oh, yes, I'll do - he smiled.

You opened your mouth to protest, but then he said:

- If you allow me to fuck you every time you feel ignored, I'll ignore you everyday.

You then smiled again.

- You can fuck me every time you want... Silly.
Oh my Gosh, I can't believe I wrote it. lol. xD

Well, I know it sucks. It's my first lemon fan fiction. Sorry ^^'

Requested by :iconotaku-chan23:

YOU belongs to :iconsexygermanyplz: xD

Preview picture not mine, found on GI. If you know who's the owner please tell me and I can credit him/her.
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Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
I just read the title and was like "girl tell me whatcha want watcha really really want~" XD DAT SONG IS STUCK IN MAH HEAD NOW
italyisadolphin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Author-chan, it doesn't suck.
lnfluenze Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, so like..

My ovaries just exploded with hormones. Thanks for this umftastic lemon, Blanche-sama!~
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…Thank you.


thank you.
MorgannePhaedras Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
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I'm sorry but.......... READER-CHAN IS A WHORE...... Don't worry cuz I will understand if it was for my luddy..... Then yeah I would be my Luddy's whore
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This is your first? It's awesome!
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