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February 24, 2013
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You looked through the window, and sighed.

Sun. Sun, the oh-so-beautiful sun, that hurt you so badly. You couldn't even look at it right now, even if the windows were painted in black, even if it was almost night.

Sitting down on the chair, you remembered when you first met him... So long ago.


It was 1876. The girl ran through the streets of Paris, trying to reach her home, before the steps following her reached her. Her _______ hair was dirty, and her face too. She just escaped the man, the creature - whatever creature it was - leaving behind a dying friend that tried to save her. But the creature didn't give up.

The girl was you.

You finally saw your home, and released a sound of relief. Grabbing the keys, you ran to the door, and tried to open it while the thing got closer and closer. The key fell to the ground when you felt a cold hand grabbing your arm, and another hand on your mouth. 

- Don't scream. - a soft voice said on your ear, but this wasn't really needed, was it, you couldn't even move, even if you wanted... - I won't hurt you now. - he said - Lucky girl... The death of your friend was enough for me... I'm not hungry anymore. But I don't like to let my prey escape...

He then opened your house's door with a kick, and you tried to scream.

- I've been studying you. - he said. - You live alone. Your parents died, two years ago. You never married. And this friend... Was your only friend, right?

He then threw you on the ground, and you yelled in pain. You looked at your "enemy" - a blonde man, with a seductive, but cruel, smile. His eyes were completely black - "eyes of the devil", you thought, desperate - and his teeth seemed more like... Fangs. Like he was some kind of animal or something.

"I'm facing the devil" - you thought, tears running down your face.

- You have to understand. - the man whispered. - I've been living alone for a long time. And you are alone now too. We can live with each other... For each other. - he tried to touch your face.

- Stay away, demon! - you yelled, in fear and hope that someone would listen to you.

- Nobody will listen. - he said, like he was reading your mind. - And if someone comes, I can kill them.

You sobbed, trying to stay away from that demon, that creature, that son of the devil, that... Thing.

- Why are you afraid? - he grabbed your arm. - I'm here to save you. Save you from that life of shadows you humans live on. Save you from the mortality. I want you.

Your eyes widened and you shook your head.

- Stay... Away. I'm... I... God will punish you! Stay away from me! - you yelled.

- Why would God punish something he created..? - he whispered.

He pulled your body closer to his, while you sobbed. His tongue licked your neck, making you shiver and yell. He put his hand on your mouth.

- Don't... - Now his voice were almost gentle, like he really didn't want to hurt you...

He took your dress off while you tried to fight him, to push him, but he was so stronger than a normal man would be... And you wouldn't have a chance even against a normal man.

- Stop, or I'll have to... - he grumbled, when you kicked his belly.

But you wouldn't stop. Of course you wouldn't. You would fight. You would never let this man rape you and then take your life without fighting.

- I love you, _________. - he whispered, and you froze.

- How can you know my name? - you whispered in surprise.

- It's because I love you. - he whispered. - But a creature of shadows and a creature of light are not allowed to live together... If I want you, I'll have to make you become one of us...

- I don't want to become a devil! - you sobbed.

- Shhh... - he smiled. - God, you really believe that thing church tells you? About devils, and Hell, and Heaven?

- Of course I do... Let me go! - you yelled, but he wouldn't.

He laid you down on the ground while taking his clothes off. When he pressed his naked body against yours, you froze. It was so cold, and strong... You felt suffocated.

- I love you... - he whispered against your neck. - Please... Be mine.

Then, he bit you.

You yelled in pain while you felt something cold as his body entering your flesh, running through your veins. He grabbed your arms, kissing you, biting you, making you yell even more. And when he penetrated you... You sobbed in pain, trying to stay conscious... It was too much for your body.

- Hold on. - he said. - Don't die, hold on...

It was poisonous, the way he talked to you. The way he held you close as he moved inside of you. The way his poison - because if it wasn't poison, what would it be? - ran on your veins. You sobbed, pleasure and pain mixed inside of you, trying not to succumb. Your mind were confused, and, slowly, everything around you started to become black... You were falling.


When you woke up, you weren't on your house. You were laying down on a large bed, on a dark room. You knew it would be dark for any normal human, but for you... It was bright as day.

You stood up, surprised. You felt so strong, and so... Agile. You could listen sounds that any normal person couldn't. You could see things. You could feel things. You walked to the window, and opened the heavy curtain. It was night, but the moonlight seemed more like sunlight. It was so bright, and so beautiful... Then, you saw something on the window.

It was a reflection. You knew it was you, but it couldn't be you. You weren't like this. You were wearing a rich dress, and your hair and skin were clean. Your skin was so pale that you could swear you were dead.

"Maybe I'm dead." - you thought. - "Maybe he killed me. That man..."

It was incredible. You weren't angry, or scared, or anything. You just felt so strong...

And then someone knocked on the door.


When he opened the door, when you looked at him, all the security inside of you vanished. You stepped away from him, your eyes widened. He was so different, but you knew it was him. The man who killed you. The man who said he loved you. You heard a weird sound coming from where you were, and then you blinked in surprise. You realized you were growling, like an animal.

- Are you alright? - he asked.

You didn't answer. You were so confused. Was he really that man? He was pale too, and his voice sounded the same, but his eyes were blue, and he didn't have fangs.

- I'm sorry for hurting you. - he whispered, and walked on your direction. - I'm Francis.

You looked at him, trying to decide if you should attack or not. Wait, attack? What were you thinking about? A million of new instincts seemed to have been born on you.

- Am I... Dead? - you asked.

He smiled.

- No, _______. You're alive. More alive than ever. 


For months, Francis taught you how to live on this new life. He explained everything, everything, about anything you asked. In the beginning, he bought you humans, so you could feed without having to go outside. In the beginning, you refused to drink their blood. But it was your life now. You tried to eat normal food, but nothing seemed to satisfy you. And when you bit a human for the first time, the taste of blood, grease and sweat inebriated you. And you felt satisfied.

But you didn't forgive Francis. Didn't forgive him for killing your friend, for forcing you to be his, like an animal would do. You didn't even let him touch you. But as time passed, this became painful. The way he took care of you, like a father would do to his child, made you really think you were being unfair with him. Every time he hunted, you stayed, waiting for him, worried. And then you realized... You were in love with him.

Realizing this was more painful than hating him. Because, with the realization of your love, you also realized you wanted more... More than just his soft voice. More than just his smile. You wanted his body.

One day, when he arrived, you called him.

- Francis? - you said.

- Yes?

- Why do you... Why do you worry about me so much?

He smiled.

- I told you. It's because I love you.

You then looked at him, your eyes full of tears of doubt.

- Then prove it.

He blinked, surprised.

- How do you expect me to prove it?

You blushed.

- Devour me.

His surprise didn't last much. With a growl of impatience, you hugged him, your mouth searched for his, and then he finally understood.

Your clothes fell to the ground while animal sounds came from the bottom of your throats. He bit you, but this time, his poison didn't give you anything but pleasure. His body tensed when you bit him and sucked, and he moaned. He then sucked one of your nipples, while holding your left breast with his hand, making weird sounds come from you - moans and growls, and others sounds that even you couldn't give a name.

You spread your legs, begging. He looked at you for a moment, his eyes black, his fangs full of your vampire blood, and touched your fangs with the tip of his fingers.

- You're mine now. - he growled while he penetrated you.

This time you didn't feel pain. This time, the pleasure was just so much for you. You held your body closer to his as you yelled in pleasure, your body shaking while he moved inside of you. And then you climaxed. He kept moving, making you scream and moan, while he climaxed too. Then, his exhausted body fell on yours.

- I love you... - you whispered.

- I love you too. - he said.


When you finally had the strength to stand up, well, you didn't. You could swear you did this for days - having sex, then resting, and having more sex - and you were right. You just stopped because you suddenly realized you were hungry. When you stood up, you and Francis started laughing. All the furniture was broken, pieces of wood and porcelain all over the room.

- I guess I'll have to buy more furniture. - Francis whispered. You giggled, and then your stomach growled.

- I need blood. - you said, blushing.

- No need to blush. - he smiled. - Go put some clothes on.

- Why? - you asked.

- I guess you're ready. - he said. - I guess we can finally hunt together.

You smiled, and hugged him. And then laughed when you felt something hard against your body.

- After we come back... Alright? - you whispered.

He giggled.

- Alright.


You smiled and stepped away from the window. The sunlight were starting to bother you.

Even now, more than 100 years after you met Francis for the first time, you loved him. Now, you both were old enough to know your love was eternal. You loved each other for 100 years.

Francis entered the room, and his arms held you. You kissed him, and rested your head on his shoulder. You didn't need words anymore. 100 years were enough for you both to know when each other wanted to say "I love you". Like in this moment.

You kissed Francis' lips softly. He held you closer and put his hand on your belly - the "little bloody demon", as you both called your baby, moved. Everything was so perfect around you.

- I love you. - you said. You even lost the count of how many times you said that.

- I know. - he smiled and kissed you. - I love you too. 
Okay.. I love this fan fiction. Don't judge me. DON'T. §_§

Also, you can read the alternative version here: [link]
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